Hi there. My name is Michael but I am better known as Trollsky. I am a hobbyst knifemaker . I would like to show a few of my knives. I made them myself in my workshop. They are forged, grinded and heat treated.


                   Knifemaking is my passion and way of life but I am not making knives for living. I love to deliver a good quality tools for hunters and bushcrafters who need to have a blade that they can trust it in all situations. I also love to share what I know about knifemaking – That is why I created a youtube channel where I am showing how to make a knife even if you don’t have well equipped workshop.




                     I love to forge hot steel and recycle old rusty pieces of steel into a good quality blades. I use old files, ball bearings and wood saws but also I am working with new steel directly from steel mill. I prefer 80CRV2 high carbon steel in my knives. Almost all are made from this material.